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Hi ...

A little about me: I am completely in love with my sweet husband (Jeff), our beautiful daughter (London), our dogs (Jack and Morgan), and our life.  My other loves (in no particular order): family, spending time with great friends, warm socks, hot baths, traveling, camping, campfires, the great outdoors, autumn, being out on the lake, fishing (when we're catching something), 80s music, my girl's sweet and contagious smile, wine, my own caesar salads, laughing and then laughing some more. I am genuine. I am sentimental, often to the point of total sappiness. I am passionate about photography and have been for over 30 years (wow, maybe that dates me a little). 

It is my hope to not only share with you some of the work that I'm doing and show off my awesome clients, but also to let you into my life just a little.  It's hard for me to find time to work on personal things when there is real work to be done, but I'm going to try ... really, I am.

So, sit back and peruse these pages.  If you see something you like, please leave a comment. Who doesn't like a little blog love?  If you'd like to be notified when something new has been added, please feel free to subscribe to the blog (RSS or email) above.  Thanks for stopping by!  

Meet Ryan, Emily and Renee’…

Oh my goodness!  I had SO much fun during this recent “What’s YOUR Story” session with Ryan, Emily and their amazing mom, Reneé.   We played all morning.  I arrived at their home early (ok, 9:30 is early to me for a Saturday) to get some fun morning, sleepy shots.  Reneé loves  sweet, sleepy babies (so they’re not exactly “babies” anymore – 7 and 13, but still …).   Apparently, 9:30 is not too early for a 7 year old.  Emily was already up and dressed and lounging on mom’s bed when I arrived.



Ahh, a man after my own heart.  Believe me, this is where I would have been too, Ryan.


Ryan took his time getting up and around (ok, jealous again).  “Yeah, don’t mind me, you just watch TV and pretend I’m not even here.”  He was GREAT at just doing his own thing.  I got him exactly as he is on a Saturday.  Nothing artificial here.  I loved it. Beautiful!!


Sweet – mother and daughter…


So, while Ryan was chilling, us girls went to Emily’s room to play a bit.  Mom and Emily got into her closet and found a great little coat.  CUTE!  I shot a couple of her in that…



Then she found a fabulous hat, “hey, how about this?”  ABSOLUTELY!  (I found out after the session – that hat was hand made by a sweet woman who is like another grandmother to her.  Perfect, a dash of sentimental value.)  Such the little model.  She was so into it.  A natural in front of the camera, no question!  She was a total blast to shoot.  Here’s my favorite shot from the day…


So, then we headed outside for a little bit (and I mean little bit, it’s been 100 degrees almost every day here for the past month).  Ryan is an avid skateboarder.  It was a little too hot and he’d just banged up his leg pretty good the day before, so we didn’t get many actual skateboarding shots, but we got some great stuff.  Watch out girls … seriously!



Then it was back inside to decorate the cupcakes the girls made earlier (yeah, I didn’t mention that yet – somewhere with everything else going on Emily and Reneé also made cupcakes).  The girls love baking/cooking together.  Funny, Ryan didn’t seem too interested.  Is it not cool for a 13 year old boy to want to bake with his mom and little sister? 😉




What a super fun time!  Thanks guys, for letting me invade your home and sharing a little slice of your lives with me.  I’m honored!

- Gina Whitney - FANTASTIC pictures - for photagrapher and subjects alike. I'm blown away! Would love to learn how to do that myself... :-)

- Lee - Great! These photos are amazing. Of course the photos wouldn't have been as good as they are, if it was not for the family they are of!

- Terry & Jill - WOW, Jen! Where did you find such beautiful subjects?

- James - Man, I think I may need to have some done myself. Though, I fear I won't be nearly as beautiful as the mother! :-) Great job, I am seriously impressed.

- Heather - Oh My!!! What AMAZING pictures!!! I'm so impressed that you were able to capture how absolutely beautiful this family is. Makes me even more proud to call these 'subjects' my family!

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