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Hi ...

A little about me: I am completely in love with my sweet husband (Jeff), our beautiful daughter (London), our dogs (Jack and Morgan), and our life.  My other loves (in no particular order): family, spending time with great friends, warm socks, hot baths, traveling, camping, campfires, the great outdoors, autumn, being out on the lake, fishing (when we're catching something), 80s music, my girl's sweet and contagious smile, wine, my own caesar salads, laughing and then laughing some more. I am genuine. I am sentimental, often to the point of total sappiness. I am passionate about photography and have been for over 30 years (wow, maybe that dates me a little). 

It is my hope to not only share with you some of the work that I'm doing and show off my awesome clients, but also to let you into my life just a little.  It's hard for me to find time to work on personal things when there is real work to be done, but I'm going to try ... really, I am.

So, sit back and peruse these pages.  If you see something you like, please leave a comment. Who doesn't like a little blog love?  If you'd like to be notified when something new has been added, please feel free to subscribe to the blog (RSS or email) above.  Thanks for stopping by!  

Family …

I love family! Growing up, mine was very tight knit. There are three of us kids – me (the oldest), my sister Dawn (the middle) and my brother Brian (the youngest). Sure we had our differences as kids, but we’ve really always been very close. We’re all grown up now with families of our own and still very close (in spirit and on the telephone), but we’re spread across the country and it makes getting together a little difficult. A couple weekends ago, however, we managed a little reunion of sorts at my parents’ home in Indiana. It’s super cool to see my brother and sister with little ones – these little versions of them. I’m loving it. We all got together for two main reasons: #1 – my parents both turned 60 earlier this summer, so we had a small birthday party and #2 – my sister just had her second baby (mentioned in the post below). I’m a little embarrased to say that I don’t have any pictures of my parents OR the newest addition – Lucy. I didn’t take my camera out much, but when I did we were just playing with the kids (the three older ones).

So, about those kids – I know I’m probably a little biased, but I happen to think my neices and nephews are just about the cutest kids in the whole wide world (on both sides – Jeff’s AND mine)!! Anyway, here’s some of my favorites of the kids just hanging out …

Brian and Jonah (his oldest) – my brother has always LOVED football (He’s a die hard Notre Dame fan). I’m sure he’s thrilled to have a little boy to play football with. (Hey, nice shirt.)


Dawn and Ezra (her oldest) looking on. He soooo wants to be in there playing with the big boys.

All that watching made Ezra a bit hungry. Milk for these crumbs? Anyone? I’ll take two, please.

A little later on, Dad built a campfire for a little s’mores action. Jonah’s ready (I LOVE this one).


Ezra hanging out with Uncle Jeff waiting to get him some. (I think he’s saying he hopes someone remembered the milk!) 🙂


Ahh, toasted to a nice golden brown. Just the way I like ’em.

Sweet, gooey goodness!

I wonder what my chances are of getting just one more?

And a couple we got playing inside by the window. I had to run and get the camera for these, the light was toooo yummy!



Josie (my brother’s sweet baby girl):


Jonah (with one of his favorites, Lightning McQueen):

And a last parting shot – too cute for words, really:

We had a blast, guys. Until next time …

- tracya - wow, really cute pictures!! makes me homesick for midwestern summers....the chicago cubs t shirt did not go unnoticed by this diehard former chicagoan!

- laura Hanson - loved the pictures. I got to see your family Jennifer. Carol told me about your website. We were just talking about YOU singing at our wedding. You do such an excellent job taking pictures. I enjoyed see the picutures of your family. Wish I could have seen you more or you, but your the picture to teach husband a thing or two! I'll take a lesson while your at it too :) take care...God has blessed you with a wonderful gift, keep sharing yourself. Love, Laura ......... Ben will want to say hi to you too! so there it is in advance....i'm going to tell him about your site tonight

- laura Hanson - shoot, it won't let me fix my typos...okay now you know I can't type or proof well

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